European design competition – The children town

Frattamaggiore (NA)

European design competition.

The new roof of the complex is the unifying element of the three interventions planned and, being freed from the form below, softly envelopes the entire complex as one of the famous naval shirts produced by the ancient CANAPA FACTORY.

The shape of the plant follows the perimeter of the existing complex, creating in the centre a square with sinuous contours, generating an almost embryonic form. Outside, the relationship with the existing is much clearer and given by more rigid and regular elements, this to accentuate the sense of protection towards the child, like a reassuring embrace.

In the poetic memory of the identity of frattamaggiore, which needs to be recognized in the lost tradition of the processing of canapa for naval use, the punctual structure of circular steel pillars resumes the long stems of the canapa plants until the branch off into a streamlined tapered leaf, in the part on top, given by a system of supports for the roof.


Frattamaggiore (NA)



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