Extension of the provincial sports hall Palasojourner


International Competition

Within the constraints of the original structure, ingenious solutions are required to increase the capacity of spectators to at least 4000 people. Give a new face to the existing architecture of the Palasojourner with a clean and effective language, an architecture of lightness and suspension. A simple form, archetypal (the tent) and symbolic (the mountain) that does not impose itself on the landscape but captures the nuances. The continuity of the casing, from the opaque covering to the profiled sheet metal and with an increasing degree of pre-drilling towards the bottom of the external walls, creates a sort of fade-away and suspension effect, a unitary and poetic architectural image, vibrant. The outer ring, designed as an open and safe environment, is all dedicated to distribution. The possible use of sport (multi-disciplinary) or promiscuous (concerts, events, etc.) has characterized the basic choices: respect for the visibility curves in each configuration, service and support rooms, energy consumption containment, optimization of the places.






Second prize

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