Le Murrine

for Guzzini

With the advent of their Grace collection, Venetian designers Pio and Tito Toso no longer needed to prove anything in terms of skill and creativity. But, with LE MURRINE, they have truly surpassed themselves with the creation of beautiful articles in acrylic, worthy of the ancient glassmaking tradition that is rightfully theirs by birth and training. LE MURRINE collection is the culmination of extensive formal research which led to the exploration of the technological performance of plastic materials from a totally new angle. The refined, unique result is a bowl, 25 cm in diameter, completely Made in Italy, which makes the beauty and effects of the artistic Murano glassmaking tradition available to everyone. This collection best expresses the Guzzini 3 COLOR TECH, for the creation of three color articles: the decorative elements fully express the sophistication of this technique. Four 3-color combinations – red-white-transparent, grey-white-transparent, sand-white-transparent, black-red-white – are the result of a careful chromatic study which not only echoes today’s most current trends, but renders a versatile, eclectic bowl with a refined design: elegant on the table but also a trendy object for home decor. Packaged in its own sophisticated gift box, it is the perfect gift for next Christmas.






Design Plus Award 2016
Compasso d’Oro selection

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