Restoration of a Penthouse in Piazza San Marco


The restoration project involves the main facade, the penthouse and the pavilion roof of a mansion located in San Marco in Venice.

The building, which currently consists of a four-storey building, is the result of a series of interventions, mergers and elevated buildings of the original factory, defined by Jacopo Sansovino’s project between 1544 and 1549.

The property originally housed the “Locanda del Pellegrino” and was used as a hotel until the beginning of the twentieth century, when it was divided into several units.

The restoration of the façade was preceded by laser scan surveys, analyses of the materials, construction elements and forms of deterioration.

The penthouse, which enjoys a splendid terrace overlooking “San Marco” Square and the homonymous basin, has been completely restored. The design of the new internal distribution has been revised with a view to enhancing the prestigious context in which the apartment is located.

The heart of the house is the central living room, located right in front of the basin of San Marco, from which are opened views specially designed to make this view enjoy even the most sheltered rooms of the house, while all the service spaces are articulated around the inner courtyard.





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