New school complex

Monteroni d’Arbia (SI)

In the design, an intervention has been defined that develops by embracing the existing buildings of the primary school and gymnasium and redefining a space of higher quality.

The intention is to give a new unity to the school and sports complex, intervening in a delicate, non-aggressive way, working on the less happy cutouts of the state of fact.

In the design, an eco-sustainable approach was adopted, aimed at leaving the available green surface as large as possible, trying to enhance the spaces. It is from this point of view that it was decided to build the new volumes of the middle school largely above those of the primary school.
This meant that the green spaces were not “consumed” with the new building.
Moreover, by using the garden roof solution (in the classrooms and above the main hall and offices) in a part of the new building, it has been possible to obtain a green area of the new school complex, even greater than the one present in the actual situation.


Monteroni d’Arbia (SI)



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