New Hausbrandt Offices

Nervesa della Battaglia (TV)

The project stems from the company’s need to obtain new offices, exhibition halls and conference rooms by renovating and expanding a complex building.

At the base of the design approach is the desire to maintain the legibility of existing perspectives thanks to the use of different architectural languages that deliberately overlap, without mixing.

The new openings, necessary for the new function of the building, are deliberately “deaf” compared to the previous project. In fact, we want to clearly identify the new one in order to better enhance the historical memory of the existing building, without running into a “false” setting of the new directional function on the original residential building.

The original height of the building will also remain clearly legible, thanks to the insertion of a glass strip that underlines the detachment between the existing wall and the part that will be raised in the central portion of the building.

On the northern façade, the first floor of an external glazed walkway is to be inserted on the first floor; this design solution has been studied in order to insert the new directional functions into the original building.

Part of the building will be demolished and rebuilt with the formation of a basement level.
There is a hypogeum courtyard with water basin.


Nervesa della Battaglia (TV)



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