Ex Cinema Teatro Italia


Surveying and Project for Ex Cinema Teatro Italia and two adjacent apartments
The uniqueness of the building is estimated primarily by its extreme rarity in the landscape Venetian building. His pioneering construction techniques, in fact, it does include the first examples of the introduction of reinforced concrete in Venice as part of a structural nature. The main facade, that overlooks the square Anconeta is made ​​of Istrian stone neo-Gothic style, according to the canons of eclecticism (citing portico and the last order of the facade of Ca ‘d’Oro). The uniqueness of the building is further confirmation for the organic nature of his artistic decoration which have worked some of the greatest artists in the Venetian art scene as Bellotto, Martina, Marussig and Pomi.
Thanks to a timely architectural survey of the building, with access to the records and documents of historical archives and through the analysis of authorization documents, it is the comparison between the current state and the state approved by the Veneto Region. The regularization was obtained through appropriate administrative procedures and a careful study of the differences found.





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